Where are you located?

We are located at 2008 St. Michael’s Drive,  right behind Valdes Paint & Glass.

When can I join Bootcamp?

You can join Fitness Bootcamp at anytime.  We suggest that you purchase your membership prior to the beginning of the month, but you can contact us mid month to help you register at a prorated cost.

How can I sign up for Bootcamp?

Go to our Classes page and and click on Join Now.  You will be directed to our registration page and you can purchase and book your classes from there.

How much does it cost to join Bootcamp?

For your convenience, we offer 4 types of monthly memberships.

  • Monthly for One class per week is $55 plus tax.
  • Monthly for Two days a week is $83 plus tax.
  • Monthly for Three days a week is $109 plus tax.
  • Monthly for Unlimited classes per week is $129 plus tax.

All monthly memberships begin on the 1st of every month and end on the last day of the month.  If you wish to join mid-month, send us a message via our CONTACT US page and we will call or email you and help you get set up with a prorated cost.

Do you offer referral discounts?

If you refer a friend that signs up for a membership, you will receive 10% off the cost of your next purchase.

Do you allow drop-ins?

Yes, you can purchase a drop-in pass and book your class on our registration page.  Drop-in rate is $15

What should I bring for Bootcamp class?

Bring a water bottle, towel, a smile and a positive attitude.  Be sure to dress comfortably (athletic shoes are required).

Can I try a class before I join?

Yes, you can try any single class for FREE on your first visit with us.  Simply show up a little early to the class of your choice and let the class instructor know that it is your first time.

What can I expect to do in Bootcamp?

Fitness Bootcamp incorporates strength training exercises with cardio exercise.  Essentially it is “multi-tasking” for your muscles.  We do not have any machines, but we use many different tools such as dumbbells, kettlebells, stability balls, medicine balls, resistance bands, suspension trainers and your own body weight.  This allows for enhanced overall conditioning, promotes significant calorie burn and improves muscular strength and tone.

Can anyone join bootcamp?

Participants that join should be healthy adults.  Even if you haven’t exercised for a while, Fitness Bootcamp classes are designed to allow any fitness level to find success.  Instructors will show different levels of most exercises (beginning, intermediate, and advanced) and participants choose which best suits their fitness level.  Participants must be 16 years of age or older.

If I've never participated in Bootcamp before, do I have to start in the beginner class?

No.  As stated above, any fitness level can join our Bootcamp classes.  Our Level 1 class is offered for those who are more than 30 pounds overweight, need a slower-paced class, or prefer a smaller class size with  more one-on-one instruction.  Participants in this class do the same types of exercises as the regular classes, but on a modified level.



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